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Insurance Tips for Beginners

Avoid A Fire And Home Insurance Claim By Making Your Home Kid-Safe

Posted by on Dec 3, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Avoid A Fire And Home Insurance Claim By Making Your Home Kid-Safe

While having home insurance is an especially beneficial thing to have as a homeowner, you do not want to file claims if they can be avoided. Not only can recovering after a home fire be stressful, it could also lead to your home insurance costs going up drastically. If you have a family with young children, it is a good idea to learn some helpful tips on how to reduce the risk of fires. Install a Gate Going into the Kitchen The kitchen is often the number one place where fires start, due to the stove being left on or electrical cords to...

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Four Things To Look For In A Good Insurance Agent

Posted by on Sep 15, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Four Things To Look For In A Good Insurance Agent

If you’re looking to add to your insurance portfolio, or if you’re starting out in business and need a good insurance partner, you may be overwhelmed by the number of insurance companies and agents from which to choose. Not every agent, or insurance company, is a good fit for every business or individual. Plus, though rare, as with any industry that deals with money, there are always a few “bad apples” that need to be avoided.  Questions to ask when looking for a good  insurance agent 1. Do they represent...

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Thinking About Purchasing An Exotic Pet In Canada? You May Want To Think Twice

Posted by on Aug 6, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Thinking About Purchasing An Exotic Pet In Canada? You May Want To Think Twice

Owning a home comes with a lot of privileges. When you own your own home, it may feel like you can essentially do whatever you want to your home and in your home, such as purchase an exotic pet. However, purchasing an exotic pet has far-reaching implications that you need to seriously consider before you bring one home. The Legality Of Owning An Exotic Pet In Canada The legality of owning an exotic pet in Canada is complicated. Basically, each town and city in Canada is allowed to create their own bylaws about what type of animals you are...

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3 Signs You Should Insure Your Engagement Ring

Posted by on Jul 8, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 3 Signs You Should Insure Your Engagement Ring

If your loved one has given you a beautiful ring to celebrate your engagement, the last thing that you are probably thinking about is losing it or having it stolen. Unfortunately, there is always the possibility that something could happen to your beautiful ring. Luckily, you can always secure insurance coverage to ensure that your ring is protected. These are a few signs that you should invest in this type of coverage.   1. Your Current Policy Doesn’t Cover It First of all, you should take a look at your current homeowners or...

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What To Expect When Filing A Claim

Posted by on Jun 9, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on What To Expect When Filing A Claim

Thanks to the culture of instant communication, the frantic and difficult process of filing a claim is a thing of the past. Nowadays you can access your home insurance declaration page online, find the claim number, chat with the claims department online, and even file the entire claim through a simplified form on the company’s website. But all of that is just the beginning, keep reading to find out what you can expect when filing a claim. Taking Preventative Measures – First and foremost, you’ll want to try and maintain a...

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3 Tips For Getting Good Health Insurance While Saving Money

Posted by on May 6, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Choosing the right health insurance for you and/or your family may seem like an impossible feat. There are many people who wonder how they can get a good insurance plan for their needs without breaking the bank. Here are a couple tips for choosing the right insurance plan for you. 1. Be Realistic About Your Deductible If you are someone who doesn’t see the doctor very often, it might be cheaper for you to choose a plan that has a lower premium and a higher deductible. This is because if you don’t reach your deductible in a given...

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2 Benefits Of Having Home Insurance

Posted by on Apr 3, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Home insurance is a very important insurance policy to have, especially when you consider the many different ways in which it can benefit you. A home insurance policy can protect you if someone is injured on your property, or if your home is damaged. Two benefits of having home insurance include additional living expenses and personal property protection. Additional Living Expenses Additional living expenses are a great part of any home insurance policy because they will help you pay for any accommodations that you will need if your home is...

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Best Tips For First Time Home Buyers

Posted by on Mar 10, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Buying your first home is such an exciting, but stressful, time. There are so many things to consider and so many different papers to sign. The process can be long and confusing, when all you want is to end up in the home of your dream. If you are starting the process for buying your first home, here are some pieces of advice. Use An Agent While it may seem like everyone is trying to trick you in the market, a real estate agent can fight in your corner. They can help you find a home in your price that matches the criteria you need. Are you...

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4 Tips For Getting The Best Health Insurance Plan For Your Needs

Posted by on Feb 11, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

A lot of conversation has been had throughout the world in recent years about health insurance. No matter where you live, health insurance is a vital and necessary part of life, so that you are able to make the most of your needs. With this comes the possibility of paying for routine medical visits, specialist care, surgery and rehabilitation if you happen to fall ill or experience any kind of condition that can bring harm to you. This way, you’ll be able to pay for this healthcare, without having to pay an arm and a leg to do that....

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3 Types Of Business Insurance For Online Business Owners

Posted by on Jan 22, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Individuals who own an online business creating content, designing logos or building websites may skip over business insurance, assuming that since they work out of their home or a small office, they don’t have a need for this important commodity. Making this mistake, however, can be quite costly. If you’re operating a small business or sole proprietorship, you may still have a need for several types of small business insurance, including the following:  Legal Insurance Legal insurance allows you to pay for an insurance...

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