There has been a  rise in demand for hosting online sessions such as Online Video Conferences, exhibitions, and social webinar sessions. Similarly, audiences are attending those events which are being hosted remotely. Their presence is required on the online platform.

Keeping this in mind, let’s discuss some of the popular online events as well as a comparison between two popular event platforms.

additionally, we’ll also have a quick look at their functionalities and which one is the more feasible option to go with. This blog will give you a clear idea with respect to the working of event solutions.

What Are Popular Types Of Online Events 

Here are some of the popular online events. This will help you dive deeper into the functionality of the service platforms while hosting these events.

  • Online Exhibitions
  • Webinar Sessions
  • Online Video Conferences

Online Exhibitions 

Exhibitions are conventionally the showcasing of the products by different brands and services. With technological advancements, these exhibitions have taken the shape of online products for display. These exhibitions are held on online exhibition platforms which is very feasible for the audience and brands. These are great ways to showcase your product or service to an online audience and build strong connections while communicating with them.

Webinar Sessions 

Webinars are the favorite choice for sponsors and businesses for the purpose of global audience reach, strong connections, product marketing, and much more. Webinars are video presentations that happen over the internet. In addition to this, they involve sharing audio, video, and textual content with the audience. Webinar platforms are made interactive with the addition of features such as live polling, handouts, real-time feedback, and much more.

Online Video Conferences 

Video conferencing is the best way for hosting daily face-to-face sessions with the employees or participants. With video conferencing, real-time interaction takes place without any cuts which makes it feels like a physical one.


Mixhubb is one of the most popular affordable online exhibition platforms which has striking features for the audience’s attention. This fully customizable platform comes up with a friendly user interface that allows users to host events by themselves. It is very easy to access with login credentials and manage. With the global trust of more than 1000 brands including ISRO, Lenovo, Tech Mahindra, etc. this platform is best suited for hosting webinar sessions, summits, networking events, award shows, etc.

Striking Features

  • Starting from the versatility in hosting events like – ceremonies, Meet Ups, Townhalls, Studio setups, and much more, this platform is one solution for all event needs.
  • Everything here is customizable. You can customize your lobby, reception desk, exhibition booths, etc. 
  • Additionally, this platform comes up with cost-effective subscription models along with a very smooth onboarding process. Apart from this, you can select and design your landing page as per the requirement.
  • Many viewers can directly login into the event with their social media accounts. This platform also supports microsite template building by picking your favorite template from their personal collections.


It is a purely browser-based platform that doesn’t require downloading any kind of app or something. Its features are very promising for the audience as well as for the sponsors as well. BigMarker is basically focusing on hosting webinar sessions, virtual events, hybrid events, etc.

When it comes to marketing a product or service most businesses are relying on this platform for its accurate data and stats as well as valuable insights. Some of the striking features of the platform are – 

Striking Features 

  • This platform consists of unified registration pages for the registration of both onsite as well as virtual audiences. In addition to this, the platform also supports badge printing, plug n play package, and much more.
  • With this platform, the conversion of the sales lead has become very easy. However, apart from a few technical glitches while operating from mobile BigMarket is trustable.
  • When you’re thinking of hosting a virtual exhibition session, this platform is a good choice. With feature limitations, this platform is in the category of an affordable online exhibition platform.

Picking The Best One 

The best choice depends on the event requirements of the individual. Both of these platforms are very appealing and promising for the audience. In addition to this,  the choice depends on the features you want to include in your event, the audience you are targeting as well as the budget. However, BigMarker has certain limitations with its functioning over mobile devices.

Wrapping Up

Online event platforms are quickly assimilating into the marketing technology stacks of businesses. As a result, we observe a sharp increase in businesses offering platforms for holding events. This makes it harder and harder to choose the platform that best meets your company’s demands. You may occasionally need to run both an in-person event and a simultaneous virtual event. Another name for this is a hybrid event. When your audience, for instance, has travel restrictions, hybrid events are fantastic. 


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