Leverage high-impact communication with high-quality, cost-effective matte-coated and retro-blue paper.

Even today, posters and billboards are among the most widespread and used means of communication despite the advent of digital marketing in all the forms we know.

Express poster printing agency in Singapore allows us to communicate a specific message and easily attract attention, especially in meeting places such as offices, gyms, supermarkets, shopping malls, streets, highways, and fairs and winds.

The differences between billboards and posters

Two main product categories differ from each other in size and type of paper used, similar but that differ from each other both in the type of paper and in the use:

1.       Posters are used for advertising and promotional purposes, generally posted in public places. They are printed on blue-backed paper and used for outdoor advertising campaigns. Generally used for large format billboards, but available in many standard and customizable sizes.

2.       Posters are often used for indoor billboards and home or office decorations. With smaller dimensions than posters, they have the prerogative of using more qualitative paper support with a higher weight and with a glossy finish. It is possible to improve the quality through the use of lamination, which allows giving a glossy or opaque appearance to the print and obtains better protection from atmospheric agents even in the case of external posting.

3.       Photo Posters, in the case of very high-quality prints, there is a tendency to use an even more qualitative type of paper also defined as “photographic”. This paper with a high-gloss finish can bring out all the details and chromatic contrasts of the images used.

What are the characteristics of an effective poster?

·       Images with a high visual impact

·       Message and clear and organized information

·       Insert logos and references

Let EZ Print help boost your print marketing strategy

Don’t forget to include bleed and marks during the design phase! If you have any doubts about creating your graphic file, you can consult EZ Print dedicated guide.

EZ Print is a printing house specializing in banner printing. Located in the heart of Newcastle, and provide graphic design, color reproduction, and branding services.


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